Common Health Benefits of Cannabis

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How to Download Site on Home Screen

Step by step guide to download site on your home screen.

Why Craft Cannabis will be as huge as Craft Beer

Here's why craft cannabis will be the catalyst to taking the industry to brand new heights.

5 Strains of Cannabis Canadians can't Get Enough of

Weed is accessible in Canada now more than ever. Here are few popular strains of cannabis beloved by members of the maple leaf.

How the Cannabis Industry can Change the World

Since the days of prohibition, cannabis has become more public and less taboo. Globally, the cannabis market is also seeing steady growth and overwhelming revenue with each new fiscal year.

Cannabis Act Under Review per Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce's National Cannabis Working Group recently began a series of think tanks regarding regulatory reforms that would benefit the cannabis industry.

Canadians Curbing Alcoholism with Cannabis

Recent research in Canada unveiled that many of those who participated in a study reportedly have used medical cannabis also claim that they've noticed a decrease in their drinking.

Terpenes: the Future of the Cannabis Industry

Forbidden Meds discusses cannabis terpenes and what their role will be for the future of cannabis.

Evaluating Extracts

Exploring the vast landscape of cannabis concentrates.

Cooking With Cannabis

Check out this comprehensive guide on understanding and making cannabis-infused butter and coconut oil.

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